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09. November 2018
DSA Divided States of America
Zitat des Tages: Die Geschichte
lehrt die Menschen, dass die
Geschichte die Menschen nichts lehrt.
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

(DSA) Divided States of America
Head of State TRUMP, sick DNA
Fired with Sessions, opposition
& Mueller-investigations vision

Jeff Sessions always acted nice
Donald treats him as cold as ice


Problems pur… No convergence
Presidents 1st press conference

After his 1st Midterm Election
The Donald has no satisfactions
He stood right behind him self
Wrapped up – in neurotic shelv



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T. stands with back to the wall
Body big, brain mass to small
Insulting many media wo/men
Especially Jim Acosta > CNN

T. becomes always abstracter
Watch this strange character

Why not Democrats chase him?
24 hours strong embrace him?

Special hospitals not base him? 
Let’s make of him an ‚interim‘