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14. Mai 2017 – 115 Tage
We write Trump day 115
This gentleman still wants to win
Now, Comey, FBI, admired
Has been fired…

Sure – I will no more hesitate
Trump love or Donald hate?
We all can not trust him at all
He lives behind his spirits wall
Watch him with brain & heart!
Can such a guy be really smart?
Look at eyes, at mouth, at nose
And even more than all of those
His amacing facial expressions
His thumbs, at many sessions




Dear D., what keeps a nightmare
On this holy US president’s chair?
Why not stop this ridiculous show?
You still not think, its better to go?

As little gift: show your tax returns!
Before remaining sympathy burns

How many more faults to make?
Please be ready to admit mistake

We write write Day 115
And you still want to win
How? And after all: Why?
Life to fast goes by...

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